By Flashcube

Work of Art ;-)

Scrap Wool Start on the 3rd of May and now it's finished.  I found that using up scraps of wool meant the squares were tricky to join together, all being different thickness and texture, some stretch really easy and some are much firmer. Anyway, it's far from perfect but I like the bright colours and enjoyed an hour in the garden putting an edge around it.

The other one in the extra I have in mind for a friend, I ran out of kingfisher for ONE stitch in the center so I added a navy blue one, it didn't look quite right so I had the brainwave to cover it over with a heart on both sides, I think it turned out okay too.

I have finally managed to file all of my parents paperwork that is important to keep and I've filled almost 2 bin bags of papers I need to burn. Phew!

In amongst the sorting I unearthed a Rent card from 1956 and various medical cards and letters from the 50s and 60s I've kept some of those to one side to show my children and brothers when we get the chance to meet up again, and then I really must get rid of them. It's been an emotional roller coaster going through it all. I've sent letters of authorisation to most utilities to make the neccesary changes and Im as ready as I can be for the financial assesment which was deffered until Monday. Another day at it should see me sending off the rest of the letters and another week hopefully will see the end of a good job done.

I'm ready to get back on with my own sorting which has been left untouched for a while now, I hope I can muster up some more mojo to continue. 

Had a phonecall appintment with my Oncologist today instead of a hospital visit and a video call from my Oncology Counsellor on Monday and a call from the GP practice yesterday. It was reassuring that I havent been forgotten. The hot flushes are returning with a vengeance since the accupuncture has stopped, can't wait to sign up for another course.

It's been a lovely sunny day again today. No faffing about and drowning any Dandelion seeds today, but I'd love to have another go at some point.

Happy Thursday, I think I'll bash my pan with a wooden spoon at the door tonight and add to the Thank You clapping in loud flashcube style, just because I can.

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