Stuff and Nonsense

By Diane2104

House Sparrow

So with Union Flag flying and bunting up, we did our shopping trip to Sainsbury’s, forgetting it’s was actually a Bank Holiday and then wondering why the queue to get in was so long. No worries though as it was lovely and sunny so waiting wasn’t a problem and it was well controlled numbers inside and minimum waiting for a till. 
After lunch we did some more gardening after being given a few plants by my parents, and we then went for a walk. There seemed to be some sort of a small street party going on but we left them to it. Too many people and too many kids for me I’m afraid - plus we are not very social and only really speak to three of our neighbours, none of whom were there. I’m sure they all enjoyed themselves, but then so did we. It’s been a lovely day and this evening we’ve been watching the VE celebrations on the TV. 
Sort of brings it into perspective a bit - all these people complaining about the lockdown......suck it up folks....we’ve a long way to go yet before we get back to anywhere near normal. 

Anyway, stay safe everyone and continue to stay at home for now. 

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