Lost in Thought

By steveng

Figwort? (WFW20-06)

Aiming to make the best of the weather before the cool grey returns tomorrow, there was some footering in the garden this morning after we had retrieved the flags and bunting from the trees.  I pressure washed the patio and in moving some of the plants out of the way, came across this self seeded interloper in one of the containers.  We think it might be a variety of Figwort - which would normally grow in woodland, so it could well have been blown in from the rail cutting. 

I had another look through the monochrome film shots returned yesterday and uploaded another couple to my film journal, in case you are interested.  They are not going up in the order I took them,  and once I get the colour film finished I'll be interleaving them into the monochromes.

Speaking of the rail cutting, we had an email from the owners saying they don't want to consider selling it to us this year - although they intend to review that decision sometime next year.  Not quite sure why yet.  There was a wildlife survey in the field over the other side, but that is protected land and so unlikely to be built on soon.  They are a major house builder and are looking to get their current stalled builds back into progress so perhaps they just don't want the hassle in the short term?

Thanks to Miranda 1008 for hosting Wildflower week.

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