By dunkyc


What another stonkingly beautiful day it has been!

There was some humour to be had first thing when I went outside to take down some saggy bunting. Looking across the street, a couple of the neighbours were definitely looking a little worse for wear after the previous days festivities….”rough as a badger’s arse” declared a grinning Cliff and then promptly helped his next door neighbours paint their bay window.

We squeezed in a brief stroll (curtailed by the youngest’s need for the bathroom at the exact point we were furthest from home), had lunch in the tent in the yard and pottered about a bit. They started to get a little bored and so I did some cutting and sticking to create the contraption you see here, which kept them busy for a little while at least.

Cardboard has played a big part in lockdown activities in our house and my hoarding of it has really been taken up a notch, which probably needs to be taken down a notch as things are getting out of control in the cupboard-under-the-stairs. 

Having been in the sun for a while, we went in and watched ‘Coco’. Despite having been warned by my sister that it was a real tear-jerker, I still wasn’t fully prepared for it and shared a laugh with the children when each of us saw that the others had tears streaming down their face.

In many respects, it’s very brave of Pixar to tackle the rather maudlin subject of death head-on, but fortunately they do it with such style, panache and sensitivity that it’s a joy to watch. It also provoked a healthy discussion with my two about death and what our spirit animal would be. Youngest = monkey, M’Boy = dog and Me = owl.

If you haven’t seen it, treat yo’self.

Stay healthy.

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