The second half of life..

By twigs

Day 46 - Bubble Flower

A special bubble flower to remember Mum on Mothers Day xx.  I've thought about her a lot today (as I do every day) - the 4 years has flown by but so much has happened in the world that I'm actually quite relieved that she never had to live through

Had a lot of fun taking a heap more of these bubble photos this morning and whilst I 'm learning more and more about both bubble behaviour and the best set up for photographing them, none of them yielded the shot I was really after, and as it turned out, none of them were really good shots on their own.  A bit of tootying in Photoshop et voila - a nice flower for Mum.

Bike ride in the afternoon then a little garden tidying - the days just seem to absolutely fly by.  Kev even popped back again for a late afternoon snack - it was lovely to see him again.

In COVID news, 2 more confirmed cases today and with just 2 in hospital now things continue to look promising.  I'm still not holding my breath will only take one rogue, undetected case to potentially undo so much of the great work achieved so far.  It was hugely disappointing to hear of so many people blatantly flaunting the rules today.  I'm pretty sure they'd be the very same people who would expect the authorities to run to their rescue if they became infected, but they appear to have no respect for that authority.  Such selfish action.

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