Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

#22, Redux

One of the Baltimore Orioles is hanging around again today, eating and singing and just being gorgeous.  So, I had to go with him again or today's blip.  I'm also tagging him for my photo record of this year's yard birds.  

Hubs and I went for a walk today at the same time that my parents were also on a walk.  So, we texted while walking, exchanging pictures and quips.  Not a traditional Mother's Day by any means, but it still filled my heart up with love.  And it kind of felt like we were all walking together, albeit on opposite coasts.  

We had a video chat with Hubs' mom this morning - she was very chipper and looking good.  In spite of not seeing any of us for the last 2 months, she is doing amazingly well.  There may be some benefit in this uncertain time to having memory loss - she really has no idea what a scary place the world is at the moment.  

Hubs and I were both feeling restless today.  The lockdown drags on (as it must in our part of the country) and it does take a toll on everyone.  

Yesterday I had a quick peek in the chickadee box...and discovered 8 freshly hatched nestlings!  Of all times to hatch - when we were having nighttime freeze and daytime snow.  Still, the parents seemed to be finding enough to feed them and all looked good when I checked on them today.  I'll put a shot in Extra of all of the, half with big tulip mouths agape.  In other nesting news, the new female bluebird was taking soft materials into the nest box today so apparently she's accepted the box and the nest made by her predecessor.  Fingers crossed she will start to lay this week.  

Stats below.  Sixty seven days since the first confirmed case in New Jersey...


Covid Stats
Total positives as of today in NJ - 138,532
Total deaths in NJ - 9,255
Total cases in Sussex County - 1026 ---  deaths - 127

Today is Day 67 since NJ's first case of Covid 19 was diagnosed

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