By LenBageDigital

Man Cave memorabilia

Like most 'man caves', mine is filled with bits of tat that would mean little to most people but mean a lot to me. My 1997 South Africa v British Lions tour mug (with every player named on the back) - when four of my team (Northampton Saints) helped the Lions achieve a historic 2-1 series victory over there, a minature cricket ball I bought at The Oval when I was there on the last day of the fifth test against Australia for the Ashes series in 2013. We won the series but had the delicious taste of a final test victory snatched away from us because of (debatable) poor light after the Aussies had lobbied the umpires time and time again! Jonathan Agnew wrote for the BBC "For the bad-light regulations to force the umpires to take the players off the field with England needing just 21 runs off 24 balls for victory, in front of a full house at The Oval, with millions watching and listening at home on the edge of their seats, is an absolute disgrace.", a little badger model with an ear missing, given to me by a very difficult boy, with loads of problems, who was one of around 8 I used to ferry to a special school every morning when I ended my business career and drove a taxi and a minibus for a couple of years. Everyone told me that he was difficult and disruptive but, somehow, I managed to get through to him, we became good friends and, on my last day after months of driving him (I was moved to another run), he brought me the toy from his bedroom as a 'goodbye' present, a rugby player golliwog badge, a Young England Rugby Club lapel badge and a Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey minature filled with cold tea!

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