By tedwin


Where have all the insects gone? There was  no viible sign of insect life in our garden this afternoon, so here's a much larger than life shot of a flower in Redilady's alpine collection.
As the day started sunny with little wind we decided on a morning walk and managed four and a half miles before lunch. I think that's the longest walk this year. We were entertained by a Blackbird busy collecting food, it stayed on the same path as us, showing no sign of flying off but maintaining social distance by hopping along in front.
What people we did meet were all polite, exchanging a few words and keeping their distance. Except for one idiotic cyclist who emerged through the hedge at some speed, missing me by about a foot and then charged across a road without looking or hesitating.
I sometimes use an on-line walk p[lotter to plan or record walks. I saw today that there was a notice saying that hiking was a sport and as such was banned  by tthe Covid regulations:-))

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