Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Tantalizing 23

I will no doubt get better images this year, but I decided to post this as my official shot for my visual yard bird gallery for 2020.  I will eventually post a female for this project, but for now I hope you enjoy the dashing - and dare I say tantalizing - male Ruby throated hummingbird.  I gave this a little crop and tweaked the sharpening a bit.  Otherwise, I was happy with the exposure, etc.  

I was cool (mid-50's for the high) and very windy today so I didn't go walking.  Instead I did vacuuming up and downstairs, and planted a couple of new things in the garden.  Starting tomorrow, the temps are going to start warming, although we still have a freeze warning tonight.  Anyway, hopefully I will get out to visit some of my favorite spots soon.

Watching some hot-spots crop up around the US where states have opened to a fairly broad degree.  Meanwhile, our group of governors are staying the course, following the data and acting in a way that I find very responsible.  Strangely, face masks have become a flash point in our country with people seeming to put all their pent up anger and aggression into rejecting any direction to cover their faces.  It seems so absurd to me - it's only a face mask, for heaven's sake.  Suck it up, buttercup.

You know what I'm going to say next ... stay safe, keep your distance, be kind...


Covid Stats
Total positives as of today in NJ - 140,743
Total deaths in NJ - 9,508
Total cases in Sussex County - 1038 ---  deaths - 135

Today is Day 69 since NJ's first case of Covid 19 was diagnosed

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