By dreaming

A heartfelt thank you

I was astounded by the generous response to my 1,000th blip.  You put it on page 1 of Populars!  I heard from many people I don't know who still took the time to wish me congratulations - yet another example of the goodhearted nature of Blippers.

The doorbell rang this afternoon and it was a birthday gift of flowers from Energia Renovar.  There was also a stuffed reindeer which will go to Sam and Max when they are older and out of quarantine.  My birthday on Saturday was lovely, but these flowers made it even more special.  Thank you for your friendship, Energia.

Lex was actually able to see the boys in person today!  She had cooked a casserole for the family and had planned to leave it outside the apartment door.  But she was asked to clean her hands and put on a mask and then allowed in to look at them from a safe distance.  They are so beautiful, and it was a wonderful feeling for her to be able to see them.

An old college friend sent me a link to a beautiful video featuring a chorus of Canadian female physicians: 
I hope you will like it as much as I did.

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