That there thumbnail is the final of the four chairs I've been repairing this last week.

Over the months I have devised several moving plans, the most likely of which - until today - has involved transporting six essential boxes (packed since early February) one at a time on my bike trailer. The boxes include a blow-up mattress and pump, a duvet, a camping-gas stove, a plate, a bowl, a knife, a fork, a towel, a first aid kit...

But today removals companies were allowed to go back to work so I phoned the small family firm that gave me the best quote back at the beginning of March. As I've put lots of stuff in storage since then I needed a new quote so, to save the guy coming out again, I took 20 photos, made them low resolution and emailed them to him. 

It feels like things are finally coming together. Please cross your fingers for me.

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