All Around My Life

By TMLHereAndThere

First Marina blip since lockdown!

The first thing I noticed this morning was that the world was far noisier than it has been for a while. There were cars whizzing up and down our road and the distant rumble of traffic drifted up from the main highway; hammering and drilling and sawing were going on, and planes were flying past the windows again. The sound of a country back at work, which is a good thing, I suppose. But even in the pockets of quiet, filled with birdsong, there was none of that stillness of lockdown. And the beach was empty - on a beautifully sunny morning!

Immy wanted to meet her friend H. for coffee in town, so I dropped her down there. Our jaws dropped somewhat at the volume of people everywhere; it felt like the holidays. Neither of us was very sure that we liked the look of it. The café where they'd planned to meet wasn't open, so I dropped her at the Cathedral steps to wait for H. Then I drove around having a look at other cafés, including Prego, where S. wants to meet me tomorrow morning. 

There was a large crowd of people waiting outside, so I decided to suggest that we try our luck elsewhere until things calm down a bit. Under Level 2, tables must be spaced 1m apart and table-service only is allowed, with one wait staff assigned to each table. Everyone must sign in (for contact-tracing in case of an outbreak of the virus; BYO pen) - all this means people are going to have to be very patient when dining out!

I parked the car by the library and walked along the river till I reached the Marina, as we are allowed to go there again now.  On the way, I passed playground equipment and the skate bowl, which was swarming with children who had torn off the Council's DANGER! KEEP OUT tape. Everyone seemed to be in high spirits.  

The boat is looking fine, but when I tried to run the bilge pump on manual, nothing happened, so I'll have to ask Jonathan about that. I was visited by a very sweet little dog who lives on another boat further down our pontoon; she came scampering all around the boat, looking up at me very excitedly and clearly inviting me to come out of the boat onto the dock so I could pat her.

When I reached the car again I that realised my phone battery was on its last legs, and decided to drive out to Jickell's Bridge again with it on charge, so that I'd be able to make contact with Immy when she was ready to go home. The weather being far nicer this afternoon than it was yesterday, I managed to recreate the image of 13th May last year (on Flickr) - it's interesting to note that autumn seems to be a little more advanced on 14th May this year.

As we headed home, we stopped at the Post Office and found it still closed. (Maybe it will open on Monday, like schools and public libraries?) Today was Budget Day in NZ and of course most of the spending has been focused on getting the post-CoVid economy back on its feet, supporting people who have lost their jobs and on efforts to create new jobs. Among other things, there's a cash injection for NZ Post, which was on its last legs anyway because people were no longer using it as much in this electronic communication age; now it's completely swamped with parcels and can hardly cope....

No new cases today. All figures remain the same as yesterday, except that nine more people have recovered.

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