Mr P's List#4

Major excitement, Mr P saw a new bird in the ground feeder. I'd given him my old Nikon Coolpix with a zoom lens to capture birds ready for checking the bird book. It visited again when I was watching.   I grabbed the Coolpix and snapped 2 pics before it flew off. Note rain drops. The garden says thank you. 
We think it's a linnet, in extras is my side view picture and Mr P's shot of it in a face-off with Mrs bullfinch in the feeder.  NB - below- Penally1 thinks its a redpoll. Either way we've never seen one before. 
His list is up to 30 I think so I've a bit of catching up to do.
A friend gave us some rhubarb. I've made rhubarb scones,  only they  look like rock buns, not sure why. And rhubarb crumble for tea. Yum.  

Day 59 - update
160 deaths , but that's from Sunday which is always low. Good news , none of them were in Cumbria. UK total now 34,796. Anyone over the age of 5 with symptoms can now get tested and loss of taste or smell has been included. Test Track and Trace is not yet ready to roll out. Raab would not commit to when it would be available other than hoping it will be this month. 
Police report of dozens of wild campers in the Lakes over the weekend and large groups of bikers congregating at hot spots.  The Grasmere Show, usually on 31 August has been cancelled.

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