Bit busy

Bit busy on the following things, in a nice list:

- waking at almost 9 o'clock after a marvellous, long, refreshing night's sleep
- meditating, day 16
- doing the tasks for the day - 1) forgiving myself for things left undone and 2) practicing gratitude all day
- doing yoga with Adriene, X 2 as we missed it when away
- breakfast
- getting the 7 translation texts out and going through them with Keith
- speaking to the injured foot friend on the phone from hospital, another operation on Thursday to put a plate in the ankle, lots of morphine taken
- having an unexpected visitor (Anders) pop in with a jig-saw for Keith to use on the red house exterior walls
- conversation with said visitor
- being rung up by the lovely Ann, and having to get back to the lovely Anders
- panic setting in  as the end of Monday approached and the texts weren't sent, as promised
- got my head down, did the fiddly work and sent the texts just before six
- realised that my foot had not set itself outdoors all day
- set both feet outside and raked the last bit of moss from the smallest triangular lawn
- carted the huge pile of moss away, that makes three from an area of about 9 square metres
- observed the very bald 9 square metres and thought about needing rain
- came indoors and made salad for tea
- thought hard, wrote a longish e-mail of a sensitive nature
- rang Ann to finish the broken off too soon conversation
- the sky turned black, the sun shone, the rain arrived and so did a rainbow
- took many photos, upstairs and down, all rubbish
- noticed self in bedroom mirror, blip sorted!
- noticed Keith, standing in the "yoga room", with camera for capturing rainbows, in my photo
- nice!
- ate the salad, delicious
- drank minute glass of white wine
- read your blips, wrote comments, did my own.
Pling! Game over!

So, practising gratitude for life's bounty was very easy today!

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