Exe View

Another lovely day!

After writing up my journal yesterday and saying that I'd be arranging to take my bike in for an adjustment to the gear change, I suddenly had a thought. I've been riding bikes for hundred of years and I've always done whatever needs doing. Although there's lots that's hi-tech, underneath it's a bike like any other, so why do I need a someone to adjust my gear change cable. It'll go in for it's checks after 30 days but for now, let's find an adjuster and have a twiddle! After that I took it out for a ride and I found I'd got it pretty much right.

I took a turn off from Greenway that I'd never taken before. It's always looked a bit narrow when I'm driving the van. It's a lovely little lane with some great glimpses over the hedges. By the time I got to a gate place I'd lost a bit of height. In my extra you can see the River Exe quite clearly. It's there in my main blip but not quite so clear. I liked the focal point of the tree in the main blip. It was a nice ride and about 12 miles in all.

We've been worrying this evening. Otis had a little taste of the front of the house earlier in the week when he slipped past Marian and got out. We saw him go and managed to tempt him back in with a couple of Dreamies.

Marian has made the back garden pretty cat proof, which not only keeps Otis in but also seems to keep the Bengal across the road out. We didn't even know he'd gone out but we were unjamming the front water tap and he must have slipped past Marian without her even seeing. After a while we realised he wasn't about and still wasn't there when Marian did her watering, which usually brings him out from wherever he's hiding. There's been a lot of going out the front and calling and I was about to put his picture up on the local Bishopsteignton Banter with a plea to anyone that might see him. He's just wandered in, the little bu**er, as if nothing's happened. It's good to know he comes home at least.

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