By Artyfartyannie


There is nothing as strange as reality. Here is an example and I am lucky to witness it.

Today was like any other day of mine in this time. I dont think I need to note anything right here right now.........Oh now I have changed my mind.
I enjoyed doing a drawing lesson with M. She couldn't remember how a Dinosaur looked and she wasn't that fond of them but she did a great and funny drawing of her one glimpse of the said being. Mummy can send me a picture of it and then I will post it in Extra. I think she deferred to J's block drawings when she did the horse........ that was also good.

Mr AF seems to be up and running........well not running but doing great. Cut 2 of our small lawns and did a Joe Wicks with me. Also he went for his own walk while I did a lesson with M. I will be doing lessons for C and E soon. I had a positive on that one.

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