Brian's Bits

By Kanyl

Not REALLY an Acronym - BUT

Whatever you call it, it's a new one:-
P.F.M.R. - Purely For My Record.
Delivery day with a vengeance.  
First - Postie with biggish box.
Second - A N Other, with a smaller box.
Third - Sainsbury's online order.
Still to come - H M Govt. "Food Parcel"
Not expecting No. 1 quite so soon, I thought it was more likely No. 2 and was a little Cavalier in the handling thereof; NOT that it'd much matter packed as it was with all the "anhydrous, flushable, Turkey droppings. You'd be forgiven for wondering how so much got in there beside the padding.  No.2  - would you believe, essentially soil; Carnivorous plants for the use of.
The old 450 D had another malady, and at almost 10 yrs old, "it owes me nowt".  So - Step forth pre-owned 600 D; hence the need for a record.
 Not having Al's memory to fall back on it's pure unadulterated guessimetry; but, I supect, from the mention of via York "The Wedding" was the day 450 D was bought.

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