A beautiful day weatherise - wall to wall sunshine and just the right temperature. Having spent a full on day at the screen-face I was a bit peeved to have my fitness tracker tell me I'd had 7 'idle' hours by 5.30pm, so headed off to Holyrood park to soak up the sunshine and lazy but celebratory atmosphere as I walked. Was a bit surprised to see a lone piper at the foot of Arthur's Seat but made me smile. 
Most of the way I was listening to my book which is really excellent, but also sat down for a while when T phoned me for a chat. His garden is looking stunning at the moment....he's really got green fingers and could do with a bigger plot.
Home and made supper then some more work before relaxing with some knitting. 
H sent me photos of Mx enjoying his home made pancakes and jam from the parcel I sent them....think he's enjoying them! (extra)

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