By dogwithnobrain

it's a beautiful new day, way hay hay

I worked hard, alone today. 

It was a bit weird. 

I woke at 5 for a pee.  Fell back asleep, and Si woke up at 6 for a pee. 

I fell back asleep again, and missed the alarm, and staggered out of my bed at 7.45

Si had a day off - he wanted to play at the allotment.  He had great fun.  He cut all the grass.   Go Him. 

I worked, and worked, and worked, and worked. 

I was exceptionall busy, til 1830.

And the I ate with the Si and Tooli (she went to the Allotment too and sat and read her book in the sunshine amidst our flowers. 

Then after dinner - Tooli was napping with the cat, and Si could barely walk after his exertions of the day - and I toddled to the beach, and enjoyed a beautiful sunset. and a damp bum

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