Summertime ....

...and it was warm - hot in the sunshine, even. I went as far as taking my top off in the seclusion of the garden. The SK, who had spent much of the day shuttling between meetings and phone-calls, even appeared in a swimming cozzie. Maybe the heat had got to us both. I do gather this sun is good for the creation of vitamin D, so essential to your immune system, right? End of covid-19 news. 
And I did take a brief stroll along the breakwater where kids and families were grabbing the opportunity to run free awhile. I gather over at Porty, the rozzers had their hands full. Wardie is that much less well known. And we don't have anywhere selling ice-cream. 
Later, the sun began to sink low, and we lads gathered round our laptops to blether awhile. And awhile and awhile. And then awhile longer.

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