Meconopsis Blue

this colour should be called and maybe it is........ Anyway if you were to know this plant and were describing a colour it would be well described by this name...........Don't you think or am I talking a load of rubbish as usual !
Don't answer that, thank you. The flower is looking so good today that I had to post it for fear that it wouldn't last long.
Talking about birds and yesterday's Blue Tit, we are both watching each other again today. I put her off feeding her chicks once and she dropped her caterpillars. I felt bad so if I want another shot of him I am going to have to build a hide !!!!!! Another shot of her in second shot today.

Mr AF did great today and completed the painting of our new boxes. He went for his own walk as I was killing weeds and loads of other things.

We thought that we could go to visit our families when we heard Nicola tell us the new proposals but unfortunately we cannot travel more than 5 miles to meet them or them us but we are hoping the next part of the release of the lockdown will allow us to do that or vice versa. Never mind.....things are improving.

Extra of J's picture of me............very good J. Shame that I got him to do a close up of me recently as he has remember the wrinkles !!!!

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