By Topsyturvy


The garden took a bit of a beating today, but it was largely the luscious lupins that suffered. Typical - the estate agent's photographer is coming on Tues!! That's why LH is out there mowing again ...

My workroom is now transformed into a proper bedroom with everything else that usually hangs around in there crammed into a cupboard. I'll have to put a Danger sign on the cupboard door in case the stuff all falls out on opening. Kitchen largely done and the spare room. Sitting room needs attention as does our bedroom and bathroom. It'll all revert back to normal on Wednesday with a massive sigh of relief; if we are permitted house viewings at some distant future date I do hope people recognise it!

The bees went just after 7 am, as promised; they did well to find a snug hive for this windy weather.

Feet up now :-)

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