The Whys Man

By WhysMan2

Braehead PS brave the weather...

With the high winds and the rain today we wondered this morning whether P7, Braehead Primary in Ayr would make it to the Mitchell. Their bus was a bit late and the pupils had a wee wait, but it made it to the school and the journey up to Glasgow wasn't bad at all.

P7 had made their boat for the exhibition way back in November, a great boat made from the sheet music for Auld Lang Syne, very fitting for a school in Ayr, and pupils from the class were amongst those acting as guides for Michael Russell in December.

We also blipped a shot of their boat in January for Burns Night.

So, it was good that the class made it to the exhibition. Up until this week we thought they would be the last class to visit.

In the end, one final group of pupils will be coming in tomorrow, a late addition to the list of schools and pupils who have visited.

So, just two days to go now. Where did that time go?

Good to see you all today, P7, Braehead PS, South Ayrshire, for auld lang syne and a' that.

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