Granny Click Click!

By Yana1

1989. White peony?

Not sure what this is...hubby says it’s a white peony As the leaves look like a peony plant...but what do I know!

So just been out for a quick walk to do some shopping at Lidl and came back with a picnic rug and some containers for the bedside table drawers...we did do the food shopping too...but I’m always amazed at what we come home with from Lidl!

I bought the rug because I am hoping that we will be able to meet some family members outside in a week’s time and it would be nice to have something to sit on when we do eventually meet up.  It will only be for us to sit on as we wouldn’t be able to socially distance all sitting on the same rug.

It’s very windy here today but after a few spits and spots of rain the sun is shining but I think we’re in for a showery day today.

Hubby is surfing Twitter looking at all the nonsense about Cummings’s trip to Durham...what an idiot...too ill apparently to look after his kids but capable of driving for a few hours to take them to elderly grandparents?
It does seem to be one rule for the powerful and once rule for the rest of us at the moment and it doesn’t send a good message to the public who will now be doing more than they should be simply because he’s doing it and getting away with it.  I despair about where and when this will all end and have to admit to being quite “down” at the moment.

My worry about those spinning plates is not reducing at all and I desperately need to see one of them to allay my fears...could be weeks yet...

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