Mega Breadvan

By essonneimage

Out of lockdown and work is starting...

This really is a back-blip, as we're going back to the beginning of the month. But Megabreadvan hasn't changed much since. It got a good clean a couple of days ago, after a year of being quite filthy. Our drive is surrounded by pine tree hedge. So the fibreglass and plastic gets covered by a layer of black crud. The storms earlier this year didn't help.

A video will follow...

I will be repairing and respraying the front panel and yesterday I ordered a "neuf bar" - a sort of protection bar that attaches onto the front of the chassis. It'll be fun finding out how to fit it, but it is an important piece of kit, purely because the front of the van is so fragile.

So we are at the end of our second week of "deconfinement". I've not been out much, but we have seen Isabelle's Dad and her brother + wife, without masks and no social distancing.

In general the only things to have changed have been there being no need to fill out a form before going out. Plus having to wear a mask when you do. Aside from that, as we're in "zone rouge" there is a cap of a 100km limit for all journeys.

We have ordered quite a few things from Amazon, even if the French warehouses have been closed. It was Rémy's birthday on the 19th, surprisingly everything we bought online for him arrived on time!

Isabelle will have next week off (using up the last of her holiday entitlement). Then at the beginning of June she will have to stop working from home and go back to the office... Which means I'll be on my own with the kids...

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