Granny Click Click!

By Yana1

1993. Monster!

I am sitting watching our PM blustering his way through questions from the Liaison Committee....yet more car crash TV....what on earth is going to happen to us....

My image today is a screen grab from my Nintendo Switch game which shows a monster statue I have just wasted a few hours trying to get set up in the right position and also to get the image on the ground to display took forever but was an excellent distraction!

We have seen my step daughter today (at an appropriate distance) and she is doing ok at the moment which is good news.  Also spoke to my youngest and he's having a welcome break from work and we hope to see him face to face next week assuming that our rules allow us to by then.

Coming back to this question and answer session with our PM....some of the questions have been very interesting and I had expected them to be full of people supporting him but that hasn't been the case so far....

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