Red, it really is a fabulous colour!

The red coral necklace "little luxury" from yesterday was very long, but not long enough to go over my head twice. So I cut it and "stole2 some beads to make earrings, leaving enough naked string to attach findings. So now it goes twice round my neck and I am happy with it. Red coral was on sale in southern China when we visited in 2005, but our minder said it was illegal to collect it. He advised buying something else, but by then I have a link of round red beads of the precious coral. Or did I? The colour sort of rubs off a bit - so I think it is dyed coral!

This lot is the real thing though, very heavy and every piece is different. I find natural stone fascinating, and I love the historical links far back in time, people have adorned their bodies with stones, shells, feathers - beauty is hard wired into our brains. I remember seeing the individual beads for a necklace, laid out in order in Sutton Hoo outside Woodbridge. All the beads were interesting, none were the same, they were made of many different materials - a beautiful collection of rare and lovely things, strung together. When I got back to my stash at home I made necklaces with that in mind, and many bracelets that were popular with the men folk for a while.

It was sunny and warm today, with a fairly strong wind most of the day. My seeds are in soil, they are in the warmest, sunniest spot, the plastic lid is on the boxes and I am hoping they get cracking. In case they don't we went to the market garden down the road and bought some plants. As a gardening friend calls it "Instant Garden"! Well, not exactly, but instant pots by the front door where we tend to sit, if we ever sit. We were both digging a lot today, and we are both tired now. But getting rid of several years of weeds was a delight, the little flower bed will be a lot more interesting now it isn't choked by grass of great horribleness. Of course, this is about one 20th of all that could do with the same treatment! But it isn't a competition, and I will do the work as and when it feels fun to do it. I'm only half way through this job, so I know what I'll be doing tomorrow.

SO summery weather has arrived, everything is turning green as you watch it, the tiny rhubarb of Sunday is now a foot high, the tulips are about to burst forth, the daffs are bobbin' in the breeze and I still haven't planted the peas... but I will! We had a political meeting this evening, and had to really encourage each other afterwards - to do the yoga that we didn't do first thing. I prefer to start my day with it, and the effort needed to train this evening has shown me how right that arrangement is! My knee meant no kneeling to weed, so I did a lot of downward facing dog and can feel my muscles getting stronger!

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