wild & precious life

By IrwellRiver

Northumberland sunset

My eldest daughter, who is staying at her boyfriend's farm in Northumberland, today submitted her last ever piece of work for her Journalism degree. It was an open book law exam. It is now all done, to her great relief...so we delivered some flowers and prosecco at a distance. She also got the news that she got a first on her documentary dissertation...also completed and submitted remotely!

In the photo, you might just spot Tilly, the black labrador puppy, running after her plastic sausages. What an amazing place to be! I am sure that this is beautiful location has really helped my daughter stay well in herself through this stressful time.

Earlier on in the day, my youngest daughter and I popped to M&S to get the gifts! That was a mistake!!! It was our first experience of an ultra long shopping queue. So far, we have always done our shopping early evening and mid-week so we have never had to queue! We now realise that queueing is the new reality, unfortunately, and my learning from this is: never attempt to buy anything unless you have plenty of free time available (which I didn't /was in between work appointments!) and be forward-thinking! At least we were queueing in the heat and sunshine!

Caesar is much brighter in himself. The painkiller must have kicked in and really helped!

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