The second half of life..

By twigs

Day 68 - Tasman Bay

A ride out to the Boulder Bank with camera stored safely in the rear bag worked a treat :)  Given everything is at pretty much sea level it wasn't a hard ride but at 38 kms return, it wasn't a quick trip either.  Whilst I was at the BB I did see a Kingfisher but he was too far away to get a decent shot but another photographer who I had a brief chat to did tell me there were some fern birds further along the track.  I headed out that way but a few spots of rain brought me to a quick decision about turning around, heading for home and not getting wet.  It must have been a pretty localised few drops because by the time I got to part way along Atawhai Drive (less than a handful of kms) this view brought me to another stop.

I opted for a vertical landscape image as the clouds looked fabulous so this is a vertical merge of 4 images.  I also tried a Bay panorama (see extras) in a more traditional landscape orientation (7 images). 

Arrived home feeling happy with the achievement and, as I was putting my bike back in the shed, there was the distinctive heavy flapping of wings followed by a clumsy landing on the shed roof.  A couple of seconds later, Kev launched himself from the roof down to the birdbath for a drink.  So happy that he's still around even though I wasn't quick enough to get a pic of him.

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