Breakfast sunshine

The day started off well, as you see, rain is forecast, which is needed, also a northerly wind - not needed!  The forecast was right, although it didn’t get as cold as expected.  I made sourdough again, a different recipe, less footery this time, if it isn’t absolutely amazing I’m not going to bother with it again, go back to good old yeast.  Then I started off a batch of Uncle Jacks Marmalade, which has to marinate for 48 hours, it’ll be good.  Then I dug out a huge old bramble root from the other side of the fence, that took up a fair chunk of the afternoon.  More people passing up and down the path behind the house today.  One couple, still keeping 2 metres apart, was A & her boyfriend, who is our age, but young at heart she tells me.  She’s been very vigilant about lockdown so they haven’t seen each other although he lives nearby.  It was nice to see them and their wee dogs all ambling along.

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