My daily photo.

By kayakgirl

Mom's 84th birthday!

Today is mom's 84th birthday and her big outing was a trip to have her blood checked for blood thinner medication.  I stopped and picked up a take and bake pizza for their dinner and told the man making it that it was for my mom's 84th birthday today and he gave her a tub of cookie dough for her birthday.  She is very happy.  I made her up a little bag with small wine, book, chocolate and a basket of flowers.  

Work continues in the kitchen, tomorrow is the final coat of sealer on the floor so we will go back up to the condo.  Son is probably needing a trip to the store for food too!  When we come back we will be able to move into the kitchen.  There will still be some work to do as backordered items com in.

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