We all need a little wildness

Two of our main goals with this garden were to do our best to provide planting for wildlife food and cover and to try and reduce the man hours involved in keeping the place looking halfway decent with minimum time. We are delighted with the wildflower area, albeit it seems Ox-eye Daisies 'r' us and other species are lower than we'd ideally prefer, and v happy that we have much less labour to do. A win for all :-)

Good long phone chats to each end of the UK (Devon and Orkney) - it is good to talk and I don't do it very often. I've taken some softwood cuttings of a shrub given to me by Mum many years ago; it survived the move here and being broken by the weight of snow and ice on it a couple of winters ago. Now it's finally got its roots down and is thriving I haven't the heart to make it move again but I do want to try and preserve the wonderful joyous memory of Mum surprising me with it so many years ago. Fingers crossed I can find a safe spot for it up north.

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