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By Esper

"Give a voice to those who have no voice."

There is something desperately sad and somewhat surreal about marching and shouting, "Black lives matter!" Somewhat akin to marching and shouting, "Children are human!" Are we really that lost as a species that this is necessary?

Anyway, despite the shame, I was proud to be a part of this beautiful, peaceful march; not a protest but a stand for solidarity. It is heartwarming to know that this march was organised in roughly three days. Yesterday the headcount was estimated at about 200; there were actually around two thousand in attendance.

At the end of the march we all stood for eight and a half minutes in respectful silence, remembering the eight and a half minutes in which George Floyd struggled for breath. I found that deeply moving and extremely evocative.

No justice, no peace. The struggle continues.

We made the news.

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