Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

Haters gonna hate. Biters gonna bite.

The garden called all day and digging happened, weed clearing happened and planting happened. I became distracted when the bronze coloured massive leaved plant I was planning to move to pastures new, was drowning in dratted ground elder! We were given the beautiful big leaved bronze plant and the ground elder came with it, unknown to us of course. I chopped it down, pulled up the roots and all that last year -  but it has simply thrived!! I dug the lot up and piled a barrow with the nasty white roots. Keith then came and dug more thoroughly and we are hoping it might at least slow it down.

Anyhow, after much work and much biting of chunks out of my flesh, there are many new plants planted, large loads of refuse greenery dumped and I am showered and have eaten a scratch salad. It became "scratch" when I realised we had no cabbage of greens. I should have saved some of the ground elder! When I got ready to shower I noticed there was blood all over the place, the biters are to blame! My neck got a regular beating. Yesterday it was my scalp. So far, no allergic reactions, just blood.

We did our yoga after the sweep had been. He was doing the final inspection of the stove we installed over a year ago. We have to have it all passed for insurance purposes, and for the local council who check the safety of fireplaces and so on. Felt good to get the ok for the stove, the internal changes to the bedroom wall (in case of heat leaking from the new chimney, it doesn't) and the roof access to the chimney. All OK. Phew. So 35 minutes of yoga sat very nicely after that.

I had a quick read of the papers this morning but have not listened to much radio today. I apologise if the world as we know it has come to an end, and I didn't even mention it. I will go and check now. Sending blessings, we all need them, all the time.

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