By fitzbilly

Garden Frames

This was the best I could come up with today for Wide Wednesday, the frame of the garden arch viewed through the window frame opening in the arbour.

It's been another busy lockdown day.

I had my telephone asthma review, which took 2 minutes 57 seconds.

Also mrsfb helped me cut my hair for the first time. We mainly used the scissors which came with my new clippers. It looks OK from the front, not so good from the back, but I never see the back so that's not really a problem. It feels a lot nicer.

Finally we also chose a care home for the FIL. They can accept him but he would have to go into isolation for 2 weeks. They have done all their Covid testing (all OK) and can't request any more tests for the time being, even for new residents. It's probably a hypothetical problem anyway as the health practitioner from his surgery says in his view the FIL will never agree to go willingly. Also how do we transport him there?

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