Harthope Valley

Grey and chilly, but MrM and I were determined to go out for some fresh air and exercise before the forecast heavy rain arrived. So we set out in the middle of the morning. We walked from Coldgate Mill, through the woods in Happy Valley, and followed the footpath by Coldgate Water until we reached the road through the Harthope Valley. Fortunately, there were no cows on the grassland! To make it a round walk, we chose to follow the road back to the car, shorter in distance than the way we had come, but much more strenuous as it goes steeply up and down like a roller coaster! The Blip is a view from the road, looking back down the valley in the direction of The Cheviot (to the southwest).

Then a very late lunch after a lovely, varied walk. We missed the rain - it started mid-afternoon - but, despite good intentions, didn't feel inclined to get down to work once we were back...

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