Thinking it through

Busy day jumping between ‘venues’ and aspects of meetings about budgets, with people from around the UK reviewing a Centre based in London, an appraisal and then a team building session with the new team and a facilitator (worried I spoke too much).
At the end of the day, having sat still most of the time, I did some Joe Wickes exercises and rushed about tidying up a bit, then called each of the kids in turn. Mt waiting in the car with the little ones whilst H was in the supermarket, T showing me round his garden, and A telling me about their conversation about the wedding with the venue owners. Still none the wiser about likelihood of it going ahead in mid September, but the venue obviously trying to hang on til as late as possible to make the decision and offering ‘adaptations’ to the original plans for seating arrangements etc but they’re concerned about continuing uncertainty and bothered that it won’t be possible to have what they planned.... it’s a lot of money to lose if they walk away before the venue say it’s off. Tricky...
Afterwards decided to treat myself to fish and chips from the local takeaway...and walked down in the rain to collect it. Delicious...although felt absolutely stuffed when I finished!
Evening seemed a long quiet one...I knitted and watched yet more Greys Anatomy (onto Season 10 now). Whenever I see it in the future it will remind me of lockdown, as I’m barely watching anything else, it’s somehow very comforting to just dive into

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