Just a hummer....

Two positive police stories after yesterday..

It was late at night out on Interstate 84, it was snowing hard and the road ahead was closed. I took an exit knowing it was uphill but also had parking for the night. Unfortunately for me there was a car coming on the left so I had to stop. With no chance to get going again I started the process of chaining up. About 5 minutes later, an Oregon State Police Officer pulled up behind me, he could have wrote me a citation for blocking the ramp but he offered to block the ramp so I could get a second chance. That worked. I slept well that night.

As I was going into the weigh station in northern California I saw officers leaving the building in a hurry and on the loud speaker I was told where to park - an open gravel parking lot. It seemed that I had a brake or axle fire on the trailer, very small but depending on what I was carrying, it could take out the neighborhood.. Bill of Lading in hand the officers calmed down a bit but pancake mix in a fine powder can explode - just like sugar. After the fire department put out the fire and repairs were made, a officer had to confirm I was safe to go back on the road. I was greeted with "I guess no pancakes today and driver take care out there". 

A Saturday I much needed... 

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