More clouds

Today was mostly glarey, with no clear sunshine or clouds, but I saw a little while ago that there'd been a great build-up of billowing clouds across the horizon.  So I thought they would do for a dramatic Mono Monday blip.

The cleaners came today so the kitchen is clear and ready for me to start working on chicken soup.  In the freezer I've had a cut-up whole chicken for a couple of months now.  I put it into the refrigerator to defrost last night, but it's going to take at least another day before I can use it.  So tomorrow I'll get started on dealing with the vegetables to go in it.  I haven't made a real chicken soup in many years, so I'm hoping it will go all right.  Then I'll have something rich and meaty in my fridge that will protect me from COVID-19 (Jewish penicillin) as well as give me eating pleasure.

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