Beyond The Gate

We are still enveloped in the East Coast Haar, but visibility is improving, although all vegetation is dripping moisture. The brown grass is green again and growing quickly.

Consulting the weather forecast, Thursday looks like the best day to take the lawn mower for a walk. I just need to rearrange my work schedule, so that I can complete the work in the one day. The joys of being your own boss!

The Polytunnels are now very busy. Fruit is being harvested and dispatched to the various outlets with trucks driving from dawn.

It would be very rash of us to go to The Strawberry Hut to buy our own, but we have a dear friend S who will buy for us and deliver.

Apparently, the single staff member at the Strawberry Hut is safe behind a Perspex screen and passes the fruit containers through a slot.

Payments are by card; contactless. The queues are such that Social Distancing is not so easy.

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