Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Feeding the family

Today K and I did go into town.  We walked through the park, caught a shot of this hard-working parent at Durngate and then ate a bit of (very) late lunch sitting on the grass in the Cathedral Green.  Personally I prefer veg sushi to the beakful on show here, but hopefully the kids enjoyed their's too.

Lots and lots of folks picnicking on the grass, and even a busker out playing guitar (in a socially distanced space).  Felt so good in the warm sun.  Less people in the High Street though, and all, to a man or woman, benignly disobeying the covid directions painted on the pavement.

The rest of the day's been spent at the computer.  Oh joy!  Hm!

Have a happy evening  xx

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