A bit too much!

First of all, thank you all so much for responses and for hearts and stars for yesterday, I was really touched at the reception. Thank you. I dreamed some odd dreams so I guess I'm still processing things after 40 years and more... It should also be on record that my Mum was a delightful, clever, alert, humane person, and much loved by everyone who met her. She had whatever it is that you need to get people on your side, and she loved extravagantly. In the meditation practice I did a few weeks ago there was a lot of work involving "your Mum", and one of the jobs was to write a letter of appreciation. It was a lovely thing to do!

The noisy mopeds have been quiet, but this morning I was torn from my slumbers by the sound of something angry with blades. Eventually we worked out it had to be forestry machinery as the noise was most intense. I suggested we have a pre-breakfast walk and as we set off we spotted the noise makers. They were getting on for a kilometer from our house, goodness only knows what the sound is like close up! We saw evidence of their work as we walked, there were lots of felled saplings and scrap trees. They chop and leave them lying. It looks messy, but I expect there are many insects who love the new situation.

It was hot again today, but with added wind which means a lot to the likes of me. In the forest there was very little air movement though and the sweat rolled down my face... The blip is where we stopped for our first shady rest. Beavers dammed this place and there was a really extensive lake, which swamped the trees. Their dam was blasted to bits, the water flowed away, but the dead trees remained dead. They can cope without air to their roots for a little while, but in the long run they die. And make an interesting grey curtain in the valley.

As we sat there it was really quiet, and a great honking began - cranes we think, not pretty but very loud! We walked to a place I have never visited, the summer farm for our village. In days gone by the animals were taken to the summer pastures and the young people were left looking after them in, staying in cabins and living away from their families for a few weeks. Cheese was produced up there too, and probably babies. Imagine the freedom of time isolated with no adult supervision!

We met two of our neighbours there, they have one of the cabins and were there to eat breakfast and see that all was in order. We spoke about corona, and shielding and kept our distance. They thought we were most intrepid, walking so far. They drove. After about 10 kilometers I was thinking I had been a bit too intrepid, my hip was really talking to me and there was a lot of road left. And it was hot, and I am a troll... The reward for the walking, apart from keeping fit, was that we saw an actual beaver! Keith spotted it in the water, and then it jumped out onto the bank of the stream and shot off into the forest at some speed! Exciting! It really moved fast and we heard the splash as it landed in the next stream. The lynx was more thrilling, but this is the second sighting in nearly 40 years of watching,  so we were both thrilled.

I was so tired when we got home and discovered we'd been out for 3 and a half hours and still not had breakfast!! So we did, at 2 o'clock. Using incredible reserves of willpower I made myself plant the last of my seedlings. It was hard work making my legs agree with my head but I'm glad I got everything in. Tomorrow we are supposed to get rain and they will do better for a good soaking.

It's an interesting state to get into, where all the available energy is used up. I obviously don't do it a lot as it feels most unusual. When I consulted the Fitbit it was a very big number of steps. Tomorrow just after 8, I will get my second set of gnashers at the dentist, and then do some mid-summer party shopping. We are invited to Rose's for food in the evening, and have no gardening planned which will be two treats!

I have only glanced at the Guardian today, the world seemed to still be in place and turning as per usual. In my world, it's bed time!

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