A feast of prawns

I had a stroll rather than a brisk walk this morning and really enjoyed it! No particular reason, just went down on the beach for awhile to see what I could see. Someone had a feast of prawns! Couldn't see any sign of a fire (banned anyway) so I'm not sure if the feast was enjoyed here or maybe on a boat and the shells dumped here. The first extra is about a third of the shells on the beach. More were in the water, in the other two extras, and if you look large, you can see some little crabs feasting on the leftovers. 
I've been inspired to make seafood crepes for supper now.
I dawdled in the garden for awhile when I got home, picked some onions and greens for salad. A lovely relaxing day, feels like summer.
Someone had added more flowers to the little jar of daisies that were on the road barrier and that I blipped the other day. Nice to see it as I passed again.

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