Happy Huggers

As I approached their doorway, Evan flung open the door and squealed, "Guess what? We get to hug you today!" and flew into my arms. Right after that, Bella, and then their dad. For the first time in three months, we hugged and hugged like crazy. Their parents had an errand to run together for a few hours, and I stayed with the children--in their back yard, in their house, touching, touching. We held hands, we hugged, and I kissed the tops of their heads many times. I said, "I will never again take for granted that we can hug each other." Evan asked me, "What means 'take for granite'?" In explaining, I got a bit misty-eyed. (We made this photo on their back porch by stacking up some bricks and resting my camera on them with the self-timer on. I wish we'd been able to find one more brick.)

In less joyful news, my daughter in Houston had an accident at work today and has two fractured ankle bones and a fractured bone in her foot. 

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