By TheOttawacker

Camping in the great, wild... basement

Promises are made to be kept, unless there happens to be a coyote or two wandering outside in the neighbourhood.

And so, the promise made to Ottawacker Jr. to spend the evening camping in the basement had to be rescinded. Its true, we had reports of coyotes wandering around our neck of the neighbourhood - not surprising really, we had mooses in swimming pools last week, bears marauding in a local park, so it should come as no surprise that nature is demanding we return some of its real estate.

However, we weren't about to have that argument with the coyotes at 3 in the morning, so we decided to let the camping take place in the basement instead. This is the very same basement in which I was ensconced for three weeks, so I let Mrs. Ottawacker do the honours.

A successful night was had by all, especially me. I even woke up with the sheets still on me.

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