By flavia13


Day 98 of my lockdown - Day 10 of slight easing of my lockdown

Not a great night again, so having a quiet day today.  I've been spending most of my time catching up on some of my photo files tidying up and working out what I need to do in the study um 3rd bedroom um office Junk Room to make more space and tidy things up a bit.

Also thinking about getting the guttering replaced, as that can be done outdoors so no-one needs to come into the bungalow.  

I'm going to have to pluck up courage and get some quotes in for replacement doors and windows, which we had planned to have done by now.  Still a couple more months won't do any harm.  No idea who to go to, but if affordable I prefer to try and use local businesses rather than multi-national ones - but perhaps I'll have to change my view - will give that some thought.

Then it will be getting the lounge redecorated, new sofas, chairs and replacing some of our old Ercol furniture.  It's just we have too much in here really but then I don't want to chuck anything out so it will take some thought!!!  Go to have things to plan for.

Blip is of Hubby in the small part of his garden that are growing, beetroot, shallots, runner beans and mangetout.  The mange tout flowers are those beautiful two tone sweet pea that I have blipped before.  The beetroot are a bit straggly so hubby was sorting them out.  The damsons are coming on but I think the apple trees got done with the frost, so won't get much there.  Then there will be autumn raspberries, if we're lucky and cabbages (oh yuck).  Strawberries are coming in fits and starts and tomatoes are blossoming so they may be OK.  Apparently the allotment is doing well so potatoes, carrots etc may well be forthcoming soon.

Apparently we're in Phase 3 now in England.  Not sure about that, especially at there are 38 staff from Furness General Hospital currently self-isolating from the paediatric ward.  Hope the are all OK and that it proves to be nothing.  Still it makes me think that I don't want to be at that level just yet, so will personally stick to Phase 4ish.  

Enough of my ramblings.  Hope you are all OK.  Take care, stay safe and see you all tomorrow.  Thank you so much for your stars, hearts and lovely comments I so look forward to them and leaving comments for you too.  I will catch up on that later, or tomorrow.

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