Failure Or Success

Yesterday was the actual summer solstice but cloud rain etc made it a no go .Today the day is just the same daylight wise . I decided to try  my usual Solstice challenge.(would it be possible) Took the bus to S:Bahn Heerstraße then began the walk down through the forest to Drachenberg ,a man made mountain which is next to Teufelsberg .Every bone in my body was 'screaming' but a couple of 'breaks'  had me going again .Met lots of amazing people . On top was a party , music food and a very peaceful group .Only problem---I'd reached my limit .The blip shows one set of many steps. No way could I take another so had a good rest and set off back .Had I been defeated ? Not likely .There are other times and what mattered most was having a go , giving my best .The music still sounded good as did all the bird song .Plus so many real people .Hope you all enjoyed you solstice weekend .

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