By Teasel

Visitors this Way

Another day at the kitchen table.   I had some success today though, in that I managed to assist BB find a volunteering opportunity.  What a relief.  It has been hard, as many places are closed, social distancing, not needing as many volunteers and many places said he was too young.  I just need to follow up and find a day and time for him to get started.  Work was busy, and I worked later than I planned.
I had to then run off to meet a friend and her dog for a socially distant walk.  It was so nice to catch up.  We had a lovely walk and I took her further than planned, but along a route she didn’t know.  She as delighted, the dog less so, as at one point he just lay down and refused to move.  Even a few treats couldn’t get him moving.  He had to move of course, and then ran off to the burn for a drink and a cool down.  He was rejuvenated after that.
The boys had saved me some pasta, which I was in need of and enjoyed.
At lunchtime I had a short wander.  The sign is from when this  house was a Council office.  The house is quite old (18th century), and has its own ice house!  I don't imagine the Council needed an ice house.

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