By Ridgeback13

Checking up

T and I went down to do P’s shopping and repair his side gate this morning. Whilst T went to the pet food shop I sat in the garden with P and Diesel. Nice to see him although we didn’t have much of a chat since his hearing is so bad at the moment....he’s desperate for the hearing centre to open soon so he can get sorted. Still, good to see him and his newly done garden and listen to him telling me all about his news and thoughts. He’s got rather addicted to T and O being his handymen and has a whole list of stuff ready for them to do now the garden’s finished!  T goes back to work for two weeks now though so that will all have to wait. He’s got to go round all the clubs in the region disposing of the beer that will have gone off during lockdown.
After we left him I nipped over to Mt&H’s to say goodbye. Sounds like this move of theirs is getting more complicated but they’ll cope. Back for a rather lovely roast beef lunch with T&Kt (extra) before doing a bit of a tour of some garden centres trying to replace their dead Robinii tree...no luck unfortunately. They don’t know why the original died anyway....shame given how nice the rest of their garden is.
Set off home...went via A’s to drop her cardigan off (extra). She’s between night shifts (and had to treat one of the victims from last night’s park attack) and had just woken up. Just saw her garden then set off north. Long haul but had another Maggie O’Farrell to listen to and the roads were pretty quiet so all went smoothly.
Feeling a bit strange after the weekend away....just such a contrast to what’s been the norm recently but also wondering what comes next....

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