Desperately seeking

By clickychick

Flag Irises

38 Years ago we got a few flag irises from a friend (coincidentally I met that friend today as we were both tipping our rubbish). They were for a dark damp part of the garden, I really believe in working with land conditions rather than fighting them. The irises have really spread but I wish there were more flowers and less leaves! That gave me the idea of doing multiple in-camera exposures. 5 times as many flowers!

I went back to the tip again today with more hedging. Smaller queue to get in and 10 minute faster round trip! Another one to do tomorrow.

A nice afternoon catching up with The Mate while The Man went to see The B-I-L, just as we do on Thursdays...... well, almost ....... well sort of.....

Lockdown Day 94 Good thing today:  Shade

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